What is what?

A series of blog about how stuff works in the financial markets.

What is Candlestick Analysis?

Candlesticks provide unique visual cues that make reading price action easier. Japanese Candlestick Charts allow speculators to better comprehend market sentiment, offering a greater depth of information than traditional bar charts.

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What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is used by a great number of experts. All this sounds extremely complicated. An investor can easily feel it is beyond his or her understanding. However, the fundamentals of technical analysis are fairly easy if explained right. Once you know that, you can easily understand how to do technical analysis of stocks. And that is what we are going to do this section; explain the importance of technical analysis and learn technical analysis of stocks using these fundamentals.

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What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is the act of managing your income; setting your financial goals and then allocating your assets across investments keeping in mind your limitations and requirements. Wealth management and financial planning are fundamentally similar. However, there is a key difference – you can only manage wealth if you already have it.

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Market Analysis

A view of the market through the lens of fundamental and technical analysis and predictions.