Before you can earn from the Stock Market, you have to learn the Basics of Future Stock/Commodity trading:

How does Buying and selling stock actually work?

Under what circumstances would it yield Profit/Loss?

How Quantity can affect your trade?

Enters Market-Watch.

Market-Watch makes it possible to do understand these objectives with real-time streaming future quotes of NSE(FO) and MCX without the risk of losing your investing capital.

An efficient Mobile Application that’s been designed to transform a potential investor into a smart investor. It helps escape unnecessary losses and would rather help in achieving maximum Profit.

Now beginners can feel completely comfortable in trading, and professionals can refine systems and strategies, without risking their funds.

After a few quick mock-trades in the app by any individual without any prior knowledge of Stocks/commodities trading, Market-Watch can help any potential investor in quite a few ways:

• Make understand the importance of Quantity in the world of Investments and Future trading.
• Efficient brokerage calculations.
• Help understand the very Basics of Future Stock/Commodity Trading.
• Knowing at what point your outstanding positions are returning maximum Profit/Loss accurately in order to settle them.
• ‘Export as Excel’ option available for your trading strategies for further research.

Live MCX: Market-Watch App provides an easy and dedicated way to keep track of your Investment strategies in Real-time.

Our purpose here at Market-Watch is to offer a dependable resource in your trading education.

Market-Watch as an utility App helps any potential investor to develop their skills and practice trading in the Stock Futures market and MCX (Options trading is not available at this time) without risking a penny. This experience is valuable and allows you to gauge your readiness for taking the leap into trading real money in real time with a broker.

This turns out to be an asset when testing new techniques and strategies. It can also allow you to get familiarized with different commodities(Live Gold, Live Silver, Live Copper, Live CrudeOil prices) in MCX(Multi-Commodity Exchange) markets — which is very helpful as each market has its own characteristics and personality. Knowing this can alert you to potential rewards and (even more important) potential volatility and risk.

The practical knowledge gained while studying the markets is what we are excited to offer you. Experience trading first hand by buying and selling your favorite index futures like (Nifty, Banknifty) or Stock Futures (NSE-NFO) with being able to track how much returns are your investments earning at one point of time, you can even edit and maintain your ledger of daily investments & strategies.

In-short, Market-Watch creates a medium to get constructive feedback with Low Stress Environment. All of this and without the risk of actual money being involved is more or less an asset, as new investors are more prone to losing money in Stock Market.

Reasons why new investors are prone to losing money in Stock Market:

• New Investors lose money in the markets because they think investing is a get-rich-quick scheme.
• Heeding the outrageous claims of day-trading strategies also leads to enormous losses for new investors. New Investors only realize this after losing all their money in the first place.

Over-view your investment strategy with effective market-watch calculation tools. Market-Watch App lets you keep a ledger in form of history that can be imported as an excel sheet. It helps investors to make more accurate hedging strategies, in which you buy one stock and sell another.

If you are someone who can’t take the pressure of seeing the prices go up and down all day long by sitting in front of a computer screen even then you can get the great pleasure of seeing your progress anytime you want with options like LIVE standings, Net Profit/Loss along with accurate brokerage calculations.

To avoid losing money in the markets, don’t follow the crowd and don’t buy into overvalued assets. Instead, create a sensible investment plan, and follow it.

Market-Watch is probably the commodity/Stock trader’s best tool. It allows speculators to practice their trading strategies without risking any real money. You can practice trading 1-2-3 tops and 1-2-3 bottoms, and see how much money you would have made or lost, without actually risking that money.

1. Once you picked out a trade based on the formations, strategy, or guess, you will open an order. Place your order.
2. If you would like to place a stop order or exit your contract(s), you would settle your order.
3. You can always cancel an order if it has not been filled yet.
Cancel an Order
4. Sign up for an account and login.